Our Covid-19 Response

The Covid-19 pandemic came upon us very quickly and none of us fully realised how debilitating it would turn out for all of us in our local communities, our working environments, our city; in fact throughout, not only our whole country, but the whole world.

At Mount Richmond Hotel we are most fortunate to have a strong team and we made a resolve that we would see through whatever was to come together, keep the business open, do whatever we could to play a part in helping, being of service and looking out for each other and for those around us.

We made initial contact with various government departments to offer our services and help in any way we could. Very soon we had a whole team of medical personal who had been recalled from their positions in various Pacific Islands and they stayed with us for 8 weeks to fulfil the requirement to isolate for a prescribed period of time. We housed many more groups and individuals over the next few weeks who also needed a safe haven in which to self-isolate also.

To be considered as a suitable place for this type of activity we had to ensure that we were fully conversant with all the required standards and procedures that were outlined by the Ministry of Health, and our dedicated staff quickly became fully conversant with all of the intricate details of the rules and regulations. We produced lists, notices, instructions, training sessions, letters and meetings to make sure that everyone – staff and guests – were all fully briefed, aware of the regulations, and our commitment to upholding them.

As New Zealander’s, we are all proud of the collective efforts that we all made to ensure that we are in the now relatively Covid-19 free and controlled environment that we have here in New Zealand. We are also particularly proud of the performance, commitment and dedication shown by each and every member of our team here at Mount Richmond Hotel. We understand the meaning of caring, compassion, commitment, sacrifice and team work so much more than we ever did before.
We have continued to offer our services, and we have housed countless numbers of individuals and families who have required temporary housing during this crisis. We are also thrilled to see many corporate clients starting to re-book with us as they too start to recover from the lockdown setbacks.

The future for us, our country and the world is still an unknown situation right now but, here at Mount Richmond, we do believe that New Zealander’s will make the most of our opportunities and will apply our renowned ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome these times of difficulty.


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