Environmental policy

We welcome you to the Mount Richmond Hotel. Thank you for choosing to stay here; we would like to ensure that the utmost is done to make your stay as pleasant and as memorable as possible.

As part of our commitment to you our guest, we aim to provide you with the highest level of service possible in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way that we can.

Whilst you will find the hotel in close proximity to many commercial businesses, within walking distance to one of Auckland’s most exciting retail shopping centers, a mere two kilometers from the motorway and positioned equidistance between our international airport and CBD, you will also find the extensive planting within the hotel grounds assists us to provide you with a clean air and peaceful calming environment. All plants have been chosen for their tolerance to the local climate thus negating the need to provide an irrigation system. With a mixture of palms -and natives, the physical surroundings provide shelter, shade and ambience to the attractive garden bar and poolside area. This space is further enhanced by an all-weather roof, drop down cafe curtains and energy efficient gas heaters enabling you to enjoy this area year-round.

Within the hotel itself we have put in place several initiatives to reduce energy consumption, water use, and maximize recycling opportunities. We are continually working on ways to further improve in these areas.

Some examples of our initiatives in reducing energy consumption that will be apparent are the energy saver light bulbs, thermal backed full-length drapes in all guest rooms, light sensors on outside lights, energy efficient LCD TVs (in most rooms), locally made room furniture & beds, and locally manufactured carpet. All the air conditioning units throughout the hotel are individually room-controlled enabling efficient energy management by only using what is required. Most of the food prepared in our kitchen is sourced locally including meat, fruit & vegetables, bread and seafood thus minimising transportation and the harmful emissions thereof. Most of the wines on our wine list are New Zealand wines, underpinning our desire to deal with our celebrated and successful local wine industry. We actively seek to deal with businesses that have a similar commitment to minimising their impact on the local environment.
Reducing water consumption is an area that we have put considerable effort into. You may notice signs in your room detailing our towel policy -placing towels on the rail if you are happy to reuse them or place them on the floor if you would like clean towels. Other initiatives we have taken is to outsource the entire hotel’s laundry to a centralised laundry and the installation of water saving devices such as water reducing showerheads in guest rooms thus reducing both energy and water use. Chilled filtered tap water is routinely provided to our conference delegates and restaurant patrons rather than imported bottled water, thus reducing the quantity of recycled plastic and glass.

In the area of waste reduction and recycling, initiatives that you may notice are the predominantly New Zealand made toiletry products in all guest rooms whereby both the product and the packaging are fully biodegradable. In addition, all room bins are lined with biodegradable plastic rubbish bags and all toilet tissue is made from recycled paper. All staff members have been extensively trained in separating out waste for recycling into appropriate bins; there is a policy of recycling paper by printing on both sides; a substantial volume of our paperwork -invoices, quotations, advertising and information packs -is emailed rather than printed/posted. Kitchen oils are collected for recycling into biofuels, and paper towels/hand driers have replaced material towels in the hotel’s public bathroom areas.

Conservation of our natural surroundings is important to us. All these initiatives and many others that we have undertaken have contributed to reducing the negative impact of the hotel’s operations on the local environment that we are in. We are keen for you to experience the local community and environment for yourself. There are good walks to be taken in Mount Richmond Domain across the road from the hotel. We also encourage you to use the on-site gym or local tennis club (for which we offer you complimentary use of including rackets and balls), and to make use of public transport -with bus stops directly outside, a train station and a major shopping & entertainment center within a short walking distance.

Perhaps the hotel’s greatest asset is our staff. Auckland is rich in many cultures, particularly from the South Pacific which are renowned for their friendly, relaxed and welcoming peoples. And so, it is at Mount Richmond Hotel. Most of our staff live within proximity to the hotel and so have a special interest in the area and passing on that Pacific vibrancy and warmth. Our staff have actively embraced our environmental and sustainability policies and are well versed in reducing energy and water use and maximizing waste recycling according to the hotel policies. Many commute to the hotel by public transport, walk or cycle. You may also notice the artwork on the walls. These are all done by a local artist and incorporate many Maori and Pacifica images.

We have close involvement in our local community through our staff and their families. We are looking to increase our involvement with one of our local schools, Mt Richmond Special School, through a native plant growing initiative. Through our gaming operation, a significant portion of the resulting revenue is invested back into our local community.

We hope that when your stay with us ends, you will feel that you have contributed, either directly or indirectly, to our commitment to minimise harm to the environment that we live and do business in.

Michelle Falakoa
General Manager